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In Hospitality, you need clients. It is as simple as that.

You can be the best, the wiser, the most beautiful place ever, without clients you have no business… That’s it.

And who takes care of your precious clients? Your team…

As a Manager or Business Owner, it is therefore your duty to make sure your team is correctly trained, understands the vision and works in harmony.

If you fail to this, you fail in your role.  

After more than 15 years in the Hospitality Industry in companies like Disney and Châteauform’, I have designed trainings for your staff to broaden their vision of the Client Service. To help them shift their vision and see their role not as a job anymore, but as a mission.

These trainings are inspired by what the leaders in the Service Industry offer and use fun and practical techniques to make a rapid impact on your teams.

The results are fast because that is what you get when you invest in your team!

Get your teams trained by a professional Hospitality Coach by simply checking the Training Menu or sending a message with your specific needs.

Why use the services of a Hospitality Coach? 

- Because your teams need to be trained and your time should be used in a more valuable way

- Because you are not a Professional Trainer and knowing what needs to be done is different than getting it done

- Because just like children, teams listen better to an outside adult...

- Because you need someone with a different input, that has experience in many other fields in many different Hospitality Companies

- Because you can be the best Manager ever, it does not mean you have the training techniques (and that's fine and normal!)

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