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About your Coach...

After more than 20 years spent in the Service & Hospitality Industry, Julie has such a true passion for Customer Service she has made it her entire career! Disney, Châteauform’, European Business Clubs but also Tourism Agencies, each and every time she has helped businesses grow strategically through their Guests’ Experience, Sales & Marketing Strategies, new openings, and training of teams.

She is an accredited Business and Management Coach as well as a Nutrition Coach her trainings are inspired by what the top Leaders of the Industry offer to their teams. The trainings are fun, comprehensive and the techniques are designed for your teams to easily implement them in their business life, enabling you to see fast and long lasting results for your Company!


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“Julie is THE coach that I was dreaming of. Someone who walks the talk, down to earth, who has experienced it all (believe it or not), who has this drive, passion, motivation, humour, positivism, dynamism to support your growth and make you want to change what you thought was unchangeable. She gets the best out of you and makes you believe in your dreams.”

Sophie Wahis - HR Generalist, Vice President at ISS | Institutional Shareholder Services

“I had the pleasure to work with Julie for purposes of management training prior to a significant in-port project. We first discussed together the objectives of the management training for my team and she worked a session around my needs. I was impressed by Julie’s commitment in understanding the challenges of the marine industry and her ability to get her audience focused and involved throughout her intervention. As a coach, Julie is definitely an asset to increase the leadership of your staff members. Thank you very much Julie, I will keep you posted on the site progress !”

Florian Louyot – SPT SA

“I had the chance to work with Julie,
she helped me a lot to become a better manager.
She knows what she's talking about!
So when I decided to start my own business, I obviously contacted her as a mentor. After 3 weeks my company was created, the business was alive and after one month I had my first client!
I still meet her once a month as a routine check-up, to discuss about problems I have or sometimes simply as a “shot of motivation” thanks to her positive mindset."


Dimitri Stroïnovski – Mancala Travel, Founder

R. Du Plessis – Sales & Marketing

“Julie has a natural born gift in Sales and Marketing! Unselfish with her knowledge as well, Julie truly knows how to leave your clients feeling happy. I have grown tremendously with her and wish every boss was like her. She is witty, funny, intelligent and her heart is big! Once you meet Julie, your life will never be the same, in a positive way of course”

"Thanks to Julie I’ve improved my selling techniques and how to create a trustful relationship with customers. Julie always brings a positive vision of things which is very helpful. I would highly recommend Julie!"

Maud Schein - Travel Designer

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