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When is it the right time?

This is something I hear in so many of my coaching sessions: I am just waiting for the right timing, for the good moment, for the time to be right…

Well, this is a wake-up call and a spoiler alert for all of you out there who have a project or a dream: The time will NEVER be right!

I’m so sorry to tell you this but unfortunately, it’s true…

The first time I realized this, was when I was pregnant with my first child. I remember my boss asking me “Are you happy?” and me saying “Yes of course, it’s just she came sooner then expected and I’m scared the time is not right…” and that’s the first time I heard “Julie, it’s never the right time for a woman to have a baby: either it’s too soon, either it’s too late, either she’s at the beginning of her career, busy building it or already has a high responsibility position…”

And I realized this applies to everything: It’s never the right moment to change jobs, to start your own business, to try a new activity: it is actually never the right time for change!

Why? because change gets you out of your comfort zone and that is scary.

We are all scared of what the future holds that we would rather stay put, wait and see, maybe something dreadful is going to happen soon and we will be able to tell ourselves “God thank you I haven’t made that change and just waited!”

But in 99% of the cases, you end up with remorse and the worst thing you can say in your life is “I should’ve” or “If only I had known” and I do believe regret is much worst than remorse. Because when you take a leap in life, you feel so much alive. You feel like you have control. And if you fail, at least you can tell yourself you tried.

One of the other reasons so few make a change in their lives is fear: Fear of what people are going to say if they fail. “I knew he shouldn’t have done that” “I told them straight ahead it would happen” “She says it hard but that’s what she wanted so why is she complaining now”

Guys, all these people did not have a crystal ball, they had no idea. If you fail, it means you at least tried and you can go on with your life.

So stop thinking you will get on with the inspiring project in your life when the time is right. The time will never be right. There will always be an economical crisis, a war, a pandemic, something will always show up, and by the time you waited for the right time: It will simply be too late…

And in the meantime you see others getting on with their projects, taking the leap and going forward in their lives.

It does not mean you have to throw yourself unconsciously in anything. It does not mean you don’t have to weigh the pros and cons and sometime wait a bit, it does not mean you shouldn’t plan ahead. It simply means: The perfect time will never come, if you dream of something and have thought it over, go for it.

One step at a time.

Not Monday, not next Month and certainly not the 1rst of January. Take your first step now. What is it you could be doing today to get one step closer to your dream?

I’ll finish with what Nightingale said “never let go of a dream because of the time it takes. Times passes anyway”

Don’t forget to share with anyone you believe should here this!

Have a great day.

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