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Why "NOW" is all we have?

Hi everyone,

The thought of the day is something I’m sure you already heard but I’m equally sure you never really gave it a good though: it’s "Why do we keep on reading or hearing we should live in the present moment"?

Oh my! Not that again, yes I already know this: We should all live in the present and be happy with what we have, blab bla bla.

But you see, there is a reason why coaches like me keep on reminding our clients of this: Simply because it is one key to happiness. And… don’t you want to be happy?

After all, it’s your choice… So why not give it a try?

You see, it is very easy: The past is behind, no matter the amount of remorse, regret or nostalgia, it’s gone, forever.

The future is out of reach, as much as you want to plan it, the only way you can have a direct impact on what your future holds, could it be tomorrow, next month or next year, only depends on what you do in the present moment. Don’t push your actions to tomorrow, you have no idea of what it holds!

So you see, the only moment you can be sure of and you are truly living in life is… now! Now, this second, this minute, your thoughts and actions, everything you are doing now is generating your future and creating your memories. But it is the true and only time where you have the power to make something, for real.

I had clients who dreamed of travelling the world, quitting their job and opening their own business or getting back into action and finding their dream job. The relentless excuse to their lack of action for creating their future is always the same: I don’t have time. You don’t understand Julie, life is hectic at the moment, the kids need me, my family needs the income, I’m too tired at the end of the day…

And you know what, time passes no matter what… And it’s gone forever, no matter what… Then, as time passes, you keep on creating these regretful memories and pushing your dream further in the future, simply by taking no action “now”.

And taking action in the “now” doesn’t mean you have to quit your job today and leave to backpack around Australia next week, it simply means that, if you have a dream, but also a busy life, you should always take small steps here and there to get you closer to it.

And pardon me but, the “I don’t have time” is not an excuse. You have time for binging Netflix series? You have time to leave for holidays? Or spending in shops? Well then, it’s your choice to see how you use your “now” moments. Is it to spend hours of your life lost for ever in front the last season of whatever or to bring you one step closer to your dream?

Yes Julie but that’s tough, I also need to rest! Well pardon me but, if planning your future dream is not exciting or as restful as holidays, then it means that maybe your dream is not the problem. Maybe it simply means you need a dream to convince yourself there is a way out of the actual life you are living. Like a life-jacket, knowing you always have better options, but maybe not something you actually want to go on with… So it’s worth five minutes in your car to give it a thought: Is your dream only a way of escaping the now you don’t want to be stuck in or something you really want to live in the future?

How did you spend yesterday? Because it’s gone. And how did you make it count for today? And what are you doing today to make tomorrow even better?

So there, this is the reason why we say “now” is all we’ve got, it’s because it’s your only chance to make a difference. And living in the moment is the only time you have control on.

Think of the past, you think of it as the “good old’ days”? But if you are 100% honest with yourself, didn’t you also worry about what the future held at that time? Rather then living it fully?

Don’t get it wrong, I also worry about what the future holds, especially in these troubled times. But each time I am losing my time worrying about things that haven’t happened yet (and that have 99% chances of not happening) I ground myself back to “now” and tell myself, at least I know where I am now, I can appreciate what I have now and take action for tomorrow. I don’t have time for regrets, it’s a useless loss of energy, I keep on wondering what I can do to make my time count. And if I am at a dinner with friends, laughing and having a great time, I always take a moment to think “what a great moment I am living, I’m making my “now” count”

The Now is all we’ve got, and it’s all up to you to see how you decide to live it!

Have a great day, see you soon and don’t forget to like and share with those you believe would need this!

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